Opilot™ VS Microsoft Copilot


A secure AI companion for your browser. Use Opilot seamlessly across webapps and services, and across various browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Brave.
Share any confidential data with AI, with full compliance and data protection. Your data is never used for training.

Safe, secure, and private. All data is kept locally on your device
(your data is protected no matter how confidential)
Plug-and-play your choice of LLM (local/cloud*)
Use with any web-app (eg. Slack, GDocs, Notion, JIRA, etc)
If using the Premium Plan* with a cloud-based model, data is anonymized locally on your device to keep your data protected
For Enterprise
Never worry about non-compliant employee behaviours when using Opilot. No data is shared with servers.
Fine-tune your customized model based on company databases, functions and use cases
Choose a local-only solution, cloud-only with anonymization, or a hybrid model to suit your unique needs
Accessible and scalable copilot solution, quick and easy to deploy

Microsoft Copilot

An AI assistant integrated into Windows 11, Microsoft Edge browser, and Bing search.
Runs on cloud servers, leveraging large language models like GPT-4 and training models on your data.

Uses ChatGPT 4, a cloud-based model
Integrated into Windows and Microsoft 365 apps
Locked in into Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams)
Your data could be used to train new models
For Enterprise
Employees will share company data, trade secrets, financials, and client information with servers outside of your company
Copilot is only available if you have a paid Microsoft license, and it is expensive to customize the solution
If you want additional data privacy, you will need to purchase private cloud or on-prem solutions with extremely high fees
(Note that Microsoft employees can still access your data during maintenance operations)
Long and expensive process to build, customize and deploy copilot solutions

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Use AI locally, with all your confidential data- with full confidence.
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