Why Opilot?

We value privacy and the power of choice, and want to help enable safe, secure AI usage for enterprises and people alike.

So we built Opilot, a secure AI companion for your browser.
Control your data, protect your privacy, and enjoy seamless integrations across your web apps and services.

Share anything and everything, use AI for work with full compliance and data protection, and say hello to your secure copilot experience.

Plug-and-play your choice of LLM (local/cloud)
Use with any web-app (eg. Slack, GDocs, Notion, JIRA, etc)
All data is kept locally on your device
(your data is protected no matter how confidential)

Say no to:

- Surveillance and censorship of your LLM input and outputs
- Locked-in tech walled garden ecosystems
- Data breaches (nothing leaves your device)
- Over-reliance on expensive cloud infrastructure
- Selling your data
- Training models on your data

Interested In a secure enterprise solution?

Use AI locally, with all your confidential data- with full confidence.
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