That's not a typo.
this is your privacy-first copilot

Copilot without the 'c' because nobody can 'see' your data- except you.

Opilot helps you use AI securely

Use your most confidential data, with Full Confidence

How is my data kept private?

Your data is stored locally on your computer.
Opilot doesn’t send your data away on a remote server like other AI products, and the Opilot team has no way to access your data or know what you are doing.

How does this work?

Opilot can be used in your browser with any webpage or web app/document. Opilot meets you where your work happens. Use it with anything- contracts, slides, blog posts etc. Access the Opilot AI tool by selecting text and doing a right click, or through your sidebar.

Build with us

(GitHub link coming soon!)