That's not a typo.
this is your privacy-first copilot

Copilot without the 'c' because nobody can 'see' your data- except you.

Protect Your Clients' Trust with Opilot:
Secure AI for Confidential Data

Use AI with confidence, knowing your clients' sensitive information is fully protected and compliant with industry regulations

Data Privacy

As a professional handling sensitive client or patient data, you understand the importance of confidentiality and compliance.

That's why we created Opilot, a secure AI companion that stores all data locally on your device, ensuring that you maintain full control over your clients' confidential information.

How does this work?

Opilot seamlessly integrates with your browser, allowing you to use it with any webpage or web application.

Whether you're working on contracts, claims, medical records, or other sensitive documents, Opilot meets you where you need it.

Access the Opilot AI tool simply by selecting text and right-clicking or through your sidebar.

Build with us

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